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2 years ago

How can I update test results using API to a specific cycle phase? (Pytest)



New to Zephyr here. I have a test cycle and phases already created through the web UI. Each phase has test cases added to them. How can I use the API to post results to update the test status for the testcases in the phases? 


The tests I am running are automated through Pytest running on many different test machines, I am looking for a way to POST or PUT many test results at once either by providing a payload that Zephyr can read in. Assuming Pytest knows the testcase id.


I do see the API endpoint /execution/bulk to Execute cases in bulk but not sure where to get the parameters to pass in, or how to format the body.

What is `scheduleids` ? There are also an `ids` in the JSON body as well in the example. 


Any help would be great!


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