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5 years ago

[Gifts] Win Welcome Gifts - Complete the Checklist

Hi guys,


Welcome to the new Zephyr Community :)


We created this place where you can talk with peers and industry experts. I'm sure you will learn tons of useful stuff here to resolve all product-related questions and improve your skills.


To help you get started with the Community, we have prepared a quick checklist. Compete it to have a chance to win a special welcome gift from SmartBear! We will randomly select 3 winners on July 1.






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        Hi Community,


        I'm happy to announce the winners of our welcome event. Thanks everyone who participated in it!

        And let’s give a big round of applause to the winners:


        Erissed1Nicolene and js129565


        Guys, I'll contact you soon to discuss the details of how you can get the gift.


        Welcome to the Zephyr Community! I hope you enjoy it!