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3 years ago

Gherkin Syntax in Zephyr Enterprise - Is it supported?

Hello community. I'm trying to find a way to write test cases using Gherkin syntax in Zephyr Enterprise, but it seems not to be supported. Does anyone know if there's a way to enable it (instead of h...
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    3 years ago

    Hi viniciuslima 


    Officially it is not supported however it is being planned internally 



    I would recommend voting on the above idea to increase traction. 


    I would also recommend reaching out to your SmartBear rep to see if there is any concrete plan dates on the Roadmap. 


    They may have an answer or may even loop in folks on the product team. 


    As for a workaround, in some projects we have used Gherkin syntax in test steps for manual test cases. 


    For automated test cases these steps are automatically parsed into the test case via Vortex if it is automatically creating a test case