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3 years ago

Ability to setup date and time format on a per user basis

DISCLAIMER: I have no admin right on our instance, so I am using suppositions for the current behavior description. Therefor please forgive any wrong suppositions.



The server where zephyr enterprise runs in my company are using some US standard which are not intuitive out of the US (mm/dd/yyyy in place of dd/mm/yyyy for example or PM/AM instead of 24h format). Since standards seems inherited globally and used by the instance of Zephyr Enterprise running on it.


User Story 1 (At least):

I, as a standard user without administrative rights, wish I could define/overwrite (and preserve in a settings page) the date and/or time format to be used by Zephyr enterprise for myself.


User Story 2 (optional):

(maybe it is already the case, and my admin did not configure it, in which case please forget it)

I, as a server administrator, wish I could define a default time/date format different than the server on which is running Zephyr Enterprise

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    Any feedback here? Even a: "We don't care and won't implement it" would be more respectful as ignoring my suggestion.