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5 years ago

TestLeft support for UI-testing of "VisualStudio Extensions" - Ready to use? HowTo?

Hello.  I installed TestLeft and I use the trial license. I like to use the test suite for automated ui tests for VisualStudio Extensions. My simple validation scenario is:   [1] start Visu...
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    5 years ago

    Thanks for your reply, but that does not help.

    I used TestLeft's UI Spy, the code above is generated by that tool.

    But during execution of the unit tests the menus are not recognized and do not open.


    Sometimes the following rule is valid: Code reading != Code execution   (I guess "expert" should know this.)


    "[..] believe" and "[..] should work [..]" comments to get a better community rank is absolutley not very helpful. Try to execute my example code, when it works on your machine, just say "[..] works on my machine [..]", in that case the software by SmartBear has a bug or our environment is not supported.


    Anyway, our company canceled the evaluation.
    In case of not getting any working easy-case version for tests the software will not fit our needs.