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8 years ago

How to create .exe file of TestLeft project ?

Hi Team, I want to create .exe file of my TestLeft project which is created using MSTest. I tried searching the procedure to create .exe but I did not fine any help on that.   Can anyone please g...
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    8 years ago

    Hi Vajindar,


    This is not possible. TestLeft uses MSTest as a runtime engine and MSTest can consume tests only in a form of DLL (which is the result of the TestLeft project build).

    So, TestLeft-based tests cannot be compiled into standalone .exe and executed on the test system. Instead, MSTest must be installed on the test system and provided with the .dll that contains tests.

    Note: this is not something that is specific to TestLeft. Pure MSTest-based tests also cannot be compiled into standalone .exe but are in a form of .dll and require MSTest runtime as well. Likewise, NUnit, DUnit and other unit tests are all also in a form of .dll and require corresponding runtime engine on the test system.