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4 years ago

Write values to excel in different fonts/font colours

Hi guys,


small question for you all:

I am saving the time it took to run certain test into an excel file as following (javascript based):

var fileName = "Y:\\Automation\\Automation\\Testscenario's\\Timings.xlsx";
var excelFile;
var excelSheet;
if (aqFile.Exists(fileName))
// Open the existing Excel file
excelFile = Excel.Open(fileName);
excelSheet = excelFile.SheetByIndex(8);
// Write the data into a new row of the existing file
var rowIndex = excelSheet.RowCount + 1;

excelSheet.Cell("A", rowIndex).Value = feature.Tags.Item(0);
excelSheet.Cell("A", rowIndex).Value = aqDateTime.Today();


This works just fine but I was wondering if I could maybe use some different fonts or colours for these values?

Would be nice to distinguish some timings from the others by using a different font/colour but I can't seem to find a way to do this anywhere...


Thanks for the help!

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  • Take a look at this example (C#Script):

      var fileName = "Y:\\Automation\\Automation\\Testscenario's\\Timings.xlsx";
      var excel = Sys["OleObject"]("Excel.Application");
      excel["Cells"](1,1)["Font"]["Color"] = dotNET["System_Drawing"]["ColorTranslator"]["ToOle"](dotNET["System_Drawing"]["Color"]["Red"]);
      excel["Cells"](1,1)["Value"] = feature["Tags"]["Item"](0);
      excel["Cells"](1,2)["Font"]["Color"] = dotNET["System_Drawing"]["ColorTranslator"]["ToOle"](dotNET["System_Drawing"]["Color"]["DarkOrange"]);
      excel["Cells"](1,2)["Value"] = aqDateTime["Today"]();
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      Thanks a lot, everyone! What a great discussion.


      hannecroonen how did you solve this in the end? Please share๐Ÿ™‚

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        Hi, I have not solved it yet, tried all of the above but it does not seem to work for me as it should... I don't know which cells need color beforehand so I could not really use the solutions above.

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      Thanks for the suggestion.

      It was a very good possibility but I cannot seem to find the variable to enter the hotkeys... It is not possible on the value, nor the sheet nor the file...

      Maybe you have any idea?