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12 years ago

WMI.ProcessExists(iexplore.exe) always returns true (Windows 7 & IE9)

 When i try to use this function i always get a "True" value in return. Even if i check the task manager and no iexplore.exe process is running (I also tried to use this after restarting my computer and got the sdame result)

ANY help would be appreciated


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    Hi Adi,


    I've checked this in TestComplete 9.10 installed on my computer and everything works fine. What TestComplete version are you using (Help |About...)?


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    Keep in mind that an iexplore process MAY be running, but not under your user name...  

    something else you might try, just to make sure you're not crazy (something I need to do regularly).

    var p = Sys.WaitProcess('iexplore', 20000)

    if (p.Exists)


    Log.Message('The process exists')


    This will bypass the WMI code and go straight to just the windows process list to see if it's there.