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3 years ago

While Loop using Local Variable

Hi guys,


I've been lurking here getting help for a few weeks now, there seems to be a solution for everything apart from the issue I've got now, I was wondering if someone could help.


I am testing a .NET application, and I need a test which will:

Pull a Permit Number from a field and store it as a local variable (which I've done)

Compare this Permit number against a table in another window, to make sure the permit number is present (which proves the permit is raised).

All of the permit numbers are stored in Column 0 of the table, but I have no idea how to program it to iterate through the rest of the column if the permit isnt in row 1.


I've been playing with this for about 4 hours now and I think I cant see the trees for the forest!


Conveniently I'm not super skilled with Python (or any other language for that matter) - so I've been trying to create this with a keyword test.


The best I've come up with is a While loop which works like:


While the Permit Number


Does not equal


(row 0 in the permits column) 


That is it, I just don't know where to go from here.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm new to this and feel silly asking what are probably very rudimentary questions.