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2 years ago

WebApp - Table not Recognized

Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new to Testcomplete, but have been writing all of my tests with javascript.  The webapp I am testing has a considerable amount of table elements and so far I have been doing things in what's likely a sub-optimal way, mostly by building arrays of the cells within a table using FindAllChildren().  

I am trying to learn how to use the table stores, but any table I try to feed into it ends up as not recognized?  Is there anything I can do to make it work?


Here's a screengrab of a calendar I'm currently trying to analyze along with its properties:




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      Hello Emma!

      Unfortunately for me, this app is not publicly accessible.  In this test I am ensuring that days clicked/selected highlight red and that weekend dates cannot be selected (Employees are selecting leave dates). This app is a type of payroll app, so uses LOTS of tables.  The date selection here is just one instance, most tables will not be calendars.


      and here's my error: