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13 years ago

Waiting until the window is activated - Error


Please find below code, which is erroring out and while the script is executed TC shows "Waiting until the window is activated" and "Waiting until item is visible", though the page/window and item are visible and active, it is not clicking the item mentioned.

'Create an installment for the land created

Set iexplore = Sys.Process("iexplore", 2).Page("http://qaserver/Default.asp").document.frames.Frame("submenuFrame")

Set p = iexplore.NativeWebObject.Find("innerText","Land List") ==>> this item is correctly recognised and getting selected, below similar one is not working


Delay 1000


'Select the land from the drop down list

Set iexplore = Sys.Process("iexplore", 2).Page("http://qaserver/Default.asp").document.frames.Frame("mainFrame").document.all




'Select the property name link from search result

Set iexplore1 = Sys.Process("iexplore", 2).Page("http://qaserver/Default.asp").document.frames.Frame("mainFrame")

Set p = iexplore1.NativeWebObject.Find("innerText","AUTOMATION3_ROLWS")

Call p.Click(5, 10)  ==>> This is where it is not clicking the required item

Please suggest, what need to be done, is this an issue with TC itself?

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    Hi, Anil.

    Please find below code, which is erroring out

    Can you specify the text of the shown error message?

    it is not clicking the item mentioned

    From your code, it isn't obvious what the item is. Is it a button or another control? Are you sure that it has the Click method with two parameters?

    Please post here a screenshot of the Object Browser panel showing the properties and methods of the item you are trying to click.


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    Hi Irina,

    Thanks for the reply...

    I solved the issue... actually "AUTOMATION3_ROLWS" is the data of one particular object, which will become a link after I process the data. Once I click the link, I need to input some other data, in the next following page.

    Issue Was:

    On the page where I'm trying to click "AUTOMATION3_ROLWS" link, same page has "AUTOMATION3_ROLWS" in one particular drop down which TC is not able to understand which one to click, so I changed the nativewebobject.find property value to distinguish both, it is clicking the required object.

    Thanks again!!