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13 years ago

wait for mouse pointer changes from an hourglass to the standard pointer

Mine is a flex application. I am using Test Complete 8.7

While doing various actions, the mouse pointer changes to hourglass. For next action we need to wait for the mouse pointer changes to standard pointer.

How we  can achieve this?

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    Must you wait for the mouse pointer to change?  Or is there some other factor in your application that you can detect, such as when a field on a form becomes enabled or a record is updated in a database?  These are a lot easier to capture, IMO, than a mouse pointer change.
  • no visible change happens, its like  mouse pointer shows its busy after the main page loaded, you can not proceed with next action untill it becomes normal pointer, then this things happens for couple of steps.
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    There may not be a visible change but it's obvious that something is still processing.  Can you dialog with the developers and find out what's going on behind the scenes?  Is there a non-visible part of the page with which you can interact to determine whether or not you can proceed?

    Again, I'm not saying you can't wait for the pointer to change.  Just that the reason for an hour-glass pointer indicates the application is working on something that may be testable itself.
  • Is there any way Test Complete can check the mouse pointer's busy status and wait.

  • Hi Krushna,

    I think that you can just try to perform an action over a control on this form. It is possible that TestComplete will automatically wait until the control is available for interaction.