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3 years ago

Unable to map object via Object Browser for a CEF based Desktop application

HI i am facing some issues while object identification for a CEF based desktop app : 

1. Not able to map object through Object Browser - I have launched my application and trying to map object through Object Browser, I am able to highlight the object in Object Browser and on right clicking it and clicking on "Map Object' option -> then it first redirect to the app and resumes to Object Browser. But no mapping is done. 

2. Also if i tried Adding Object through Name Mapping then it's not getting highlighted after it is added to the Name Mapping. Additionally in the name mapping it is adding objects of multiple opened windows under single page with a pre-defined URI and when we check the Object Browser, the URI is getting changed for each opened application window. As a result i am not able to highlight and access object added in the Name Mapping.

Once an object is added in the Name Mapping then if i want to view it in Object Browser then i am unable to do so because the baseURI in Object Browser is different than the one used for Page URI in Name Mapping.


Please have a look at the attached screenshots.