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7 months ago

Unable to launch testcomplete or testexecute on Azure Agents

I am trying to run scripts on Azure agent using deployment groups. But getting following issue. Can someone help me out here.Thankyou

TestComplete tests cannot be launched by an agent running as a service using TestComplete and TestExecute. Please configure the agent to run in interactive mode or assign this pipeline to an interactive agent (agents). Make sure to have an interactive user session open on the agent. Open the session manually or configure the agent to run with the auto-logon enabled to open the session automatically.

No runner is able to run TestComplete tests.

Test Run Failed.

Error: The process 'C:\azagent\A2\_work\_tasks\VSTest_ef087383-ee5e-42c7-9a53-ab56c98420f9\3.225.0\Modules\DTAExecutionHost.exe' failed with exit code 1