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2 years ago

Trying to pull data from windows Program and Features



I am trying to create a VBScript test for the Program and Features windows screen, specifically I want to pull all the data that is in the Publisher, Installed On, Size and Version columns.  I have been able to click on the any of the programs without fail but unable to figure out how to get the data.  I am new to TestComplete so any help would be appreciated.  Here is the point that I am at that clicks on Adobe Acrobat DC for me no problem and it is not the first item in the list

Sub Test1
Dim folderView
Set folderView = Aliases.explorer.wndCabinetWClass.ShellTabWindowClass.DUIViewWndClassName.Explorer_Pane.CtrlNotifySink.ShellView.FolderView
Call folderView.ClickItem("Adobe Acrobat DC", 0)
End Sub