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12 years ago

The Best TestComplete's UI Scheme

Hi Testers,

As you know, TestComplete offers Code Editor’s several highlighting settings. However, we’ve got used to working with them so fast that they become very boring and irritating. Sometimes, you want to bring something new into your coding to make it fresher and more interesting. Don’t you think so? One of the ways is to set a new highlighting scheme :)

I believe that each of you has your own coding highlighting settings that match your perception, or sensation, or maybe the weather outside :) That’s interesting to know what highlighting schemes you are using at the moment. Let’s share them!

We can vote for them and identify the most interesting and fascinating scheme!

How to share:

That’s simple - you can do this in several clicks:

1. Export your highlighting settings and attach the created *.acnfg file to your reply. For this, click TestComplete’s Tools | Settings | Export Settings and enable several Root | Options options specified in the attached ExportSettings.png file.

2. Make a screenshot demonstrating what your Code Editor panel looks like and attach it to your reply as well.

How to apply the scheme you like:

It is as simple as the previous steps:

1. Download the *.acnfg file corresponding to the scheme you like.

2. Click TestComplete’s Tools | Settings | Import Settings and specify the file you’ve downloaded.

Don’t forget to vote for the scheme you like!

Let’s start :)

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