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12 years ago

Testing Geographical Maps and Bar Graphs etc.,

We are using analytical tools(Desktop Applications) which are coded with .net frameworks.I need a help on a scenario which follows like this

we had a map(India),each state is colored with different colors based  on the sales happened according to the legend.For Ex: Sales in a state more than 100 millions it should be shown in green and <100 millions should  be shown as red.i want to test,the map is changing according to the legend.

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    Hi Maddhi,

    You need to write a script that will get a state, obtain its color, and after that check whether the color is the same as in the legend. The way to iterate with the controls from TestComplete may differ based on the controls used in your application. You need to use controls' properties and methods to accomplish your task. To learn the needed properties/methods, refer to the controls' documentation.