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10 years ago

Testing DevExpress GridControls with TestComplete


I am testing a WPF appliaction which uses DevExpress GridControls, but I encountered some problems when trying to get values for extended properties "wColumnCount", "wColumn" or "wValue" (e.g. the view presents 5 columns, but wColumnCount property returns 8 columns - see attached images).

Dev express version that we currently use is 14.2.4

My currently version of test complete is 10.4

Is there any fix for this problem in TestComplete version 10.50.2702.7 or is there any solution for this?

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    Grids can have hidden columns. wColumnCount includes both visible and hidden columns. You can check the column captions - wColumn(index) - and compare with what you see in the grid to learn what columns are hidden. If you need to test the number of visible colums, you can use the grid's View.VisibleColumns.System_Collections_ICollection_Count property.

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    Hi Helen,

    Thanks a lot for your fast answer.

    But my problem is not really solved yet.

    If I want to access the "wValue" property, having as parameters row index and column index, the values received are different from the ones displayed in the application.

    Also, the column orders are differemt and the hidden columns are interspersed with visible columns. So these extended properties can't be used as they are right now (e.g. Test Complete doesn't know if the column index parameter represents a hidden or a visible column for "wValue(row index,column index)" property).

    As far as I understood from here:

    the last supported version for Developer Express Grid Control is 13.1.4 and maybe this should be the problem?!

    My question is if there already exist a fix for this in a newer version of Test Complete or if there is any solution for these extended properties to provide correct values (correct means values that are visible on screen, depending on index values given as parameters). I am testing the GUI and for me it is very important to use as few as possible native properties/methods.

    Thanks in advance,

    Adela Alexa