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6 years ago

TestExecute and Jenkins (Test Result)

Hi guys,   Current I'm using the TestComplete plugin on Jenkins to execute a pipeline with tests being executed using TestExecute. And I use the Jenkins API to get the JSON with the results, pa...
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    6 years ago

    If I understand it properly, the Jenkins plugin for TestComplete/TestExecute is that it builds a wrapper around the command-line execution of tests via TestComplete/TestExecute.  The command-line only returns certain exit codes based upon the execution.  The actual error message, warning, etc., is not included in that return.  So, a short answer to your question, as it stands right now, I don't think there is a way to get the actual error message that caused a failure.

    To that end... that error message, many times, may not have a meaning to the casual reader.  "Object recognition error" means nothing to someone who doesn't know about how TestComplete/TestExecute handles errors.  "TypeError: JavaScript" also won't have much meaning.  I believe that there is something in the works to do an API call to retrieve information from a test run, but even with that, there needs to be meaningful interpretation of the error messages, and that can only be done by the person doing the interpretation.