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7 years ago

TestComplete/Execute process not closing automatically

We are using TestComplete/TestExecute(Version : 12.30.1651.11) licence for our automation testing. Since last one month or so we are facing an issue where upon closing the software, TestComplete/Execute process from Task Manager is not getting closed automatically, in times there would be multiple TestComplete/Execute processes running at the same time.


I believe these are Mutex processes and should not have multiple instances. The issue is very intermittent and interrupting the batch run execution.


Do you have any solution for this issue ?

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    Just double checking... you're using the "exit" command line switch to exit the TestComplete/TestExecute application after a run is complete, correct?


    So... what changed?  It was working for a while... now it's not...  things don't just randomly stop working.  What changed environmentally starting a month ago? Did the process by which you execute your test runs change?  Did the batch files change? 

  • Funny you mention mutex. 


    Is this a virtual machine? Like is your box running 4 VMs, in turn running multiple TestCompletes?


    Is it possible that your box does not have 4 cores, thus running into mutex locks? Note I'm just using an arbitrary number. It's possible you're running 16 VMs using only 4 CPUs.


    Try putting a random delay in each batch file.