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3 years ago

TestComplete Not recognising Name Mapped Objects it captured.

TestComplete Version 14.9


We have just installed TC 14.9 on a new device and attempted to record a very simple keyword script against Calculator. The script records ok and picked up the number and operator object fine. However on playback, it fails to find anything of these objects.


I have gone into the Name Mapping and see the numbers and operators that we recorded but when asking for it to be highlighted on screen, it cannot find it. The only way I can get it to work is by remapping the objects within the keyword script.

Ive checked the settings and all seem the same as another device I have that works. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  • This may be an issue with Calculator itself - in TestComplete, can you check Tools > Options > Engines > General > "Support for Windows Store applications" is turned on?


    Otherwise, there may be some issue with recognition which your log details should be able to point us towards, perhaps some dynamic value being captured as an identifier.

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    Support for Windows is "On"


    When keyword recording we get the following objects recorded:-



    This doesnt work on this device (It does on others). Im having to reselect the object again to



    This then works.


    The errors we are getting on the first object is

    Unable to find the following object when executing the Click command:



    The parent object was not found:


  • OK, so there was some part of the identifcation criteria of the Aliases.Microsoft_WindowsCalculator.Calculator object which changed, causing us to be unable to find any child objects of that object. If you review the attributes of this object, is there anything obvious which stands out?


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      Hi and thanks again for your reply and help.


      This is a new script that was just recorded, so you would imagine that the objects recorded would playback ok. This isnt a a situation where the scripts was previously recorded and the objects have changed which is causing the problem.


      We surely shouldn't need to change or fix anything from a fresh recording should we?