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3 years ago

Testcomplete no longer executes VBScript, logs: The server threw an exception


   Yesterday my TestComplete(12.6) began posting the following message when ever we try to run any scripts:

"VBScript runtime error. The server threw an exception". There have been no changes to the overall project or Testcompletes settings or to any of the scripts that now error. I have always had issues with TC routinely erroring and needed a restart but that did not work. We have yet to find any reason in the environment or the pc that could account for this as well. I was able to find a similar post from 2016 from another user to which no one replied.


Currently our entire project can no longer execute and any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Thank you.

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    We are doing additional troubleshooting any have found its is one of the oldest scripts we have and has not been altered in almost a year. It is a script which populates a data grid from an excel file.