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7 years ago

Test Groups, Test Items and Command Line



With the documentation and thread research I've done, I think I know the answer (unfortunately).  But since its significant, I'm posting to cover the bases.  We've gone to great lengths to use "Organize Tests" to organize 550+ tests into Groups/Subgroups and Test Items.  We are able to execute from the Groups (and all Test Items residing under those groups run) perfectly when launched directly from Test Complete.  This works very well for us since each "Group" runs on a different configuration. 


Now, we want to move to a Continuous Integration setup and have automated runs through Team City/Jenkins using the command line.  It appears that the syntax does not allow us to call a "Group" and must instead call individual Test Items, line by line.  Is there a syntax that allows a command line call to a Group/Subgroup, like you can do within TC?


In the  attached image, it shows LoggingPOC as the "Group" and the 3 Test Items underneath.  I want to make a single command line call to the LoggingPOC Group so that all my Test Items run.  Is that possible?


I know of a couple workarounds, but it would take a substantial amount of effort and negate the "Organize Tests" work already completed.  And in essence it would require twice the work, one way of doing it the CI way and another to run in "manually-launched" Groups (as we do now).



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    There is way to do this work,

    1. refer this link to create a batch file for running test groups 

    2. create a freestyle project in jenkins and create command line executor step

    3. trigger this batch file to run your test groups


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      Thanks for the reply Shankar.


      Yes, that script may ultimately be the solution.  It would also allow me to add a "custom" param I need.  I did find another potential solution:  I was able to execute a group/subgroup as long as the parent of the child Test Items was itself a Test Item.  For example :  by calling <folder>|<subfolder>|<empty Test Item>  then all child Test Items executed.  This was working on my box using Test Complete.  However, when our CI person tried using the same command line syntax with Test Execute, it did not work.  Investigating now...