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6 years ago

Test Execute License Timeout

I have a limited number of Test Execute licenses on my network I have set up a Team City build agant that pulls code and runs TestExcute via a command line on a test I want to run at least once a...
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    6 years ago

    If that's how you operate, then that's fine.... but there no automatic settings to release someone's licenses that I can find.  So, these will have to be manual controls you put in place...  powershell command to reboot those machines every night at a set time for example would work.  

    Another option... rather than you're integration testers manually running TestExecute and then doing the whole "right click and run", you could set up a list of shortcuts in a folder that would be batch files executing TestExecute commandline instructions that would execute the tests and then exit using the /exit commandline switch.  This will ensure that TE is shut down automatically after each test execution.

    Generally speaking.... most shops that I know of only use TestExecute for automated execution, not for having other testers run the tests.  Seems.... counter intuitive to create an automated test scenario that a user then needs to manually kick off...