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8 years ago

Test Execute is hanging for ever when it doesn't find what is expected

I am running the scripts on a remote machine with TestExecute 12.20.935.11 through Task Schedular every half an hour.

TestExecute hangs and doesn't comeout at all when it doesn't find an object what is expected. So it skips running the tasks following times until I loginto machine and end the TestExecute using Task Manager.


It doesn't stop for quiet somE time even when i click on Stop on TestExecute. So I have to end the task.


I configured to save last 10 logs on TestExecute and that's what it shows.

Timeout to send, receive etc are set to 600s.


Not sure what's going on.








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    I've had this happen pretty recently in my own projects.  Usually, it comes down to a couple of things:


    1) My NameMapping is insufficiently detailed to find an object, especially if I'm using the Extended Find feature.  If I don't have enough parent objects in my tree, it takes a long time to find the specific object I want and TestComplete pretty much times out

    2) If I'm in the middle of a Page.Wait call and I attempt to stop or halt the test, I get the same hang.  But, again, this usually ends up happening because something else hung first.


    Since you know that the problem is that an object is not found that is expected, that's your resolution.  


    For assistance, please post screenshots of your logs showing the errors around the unexpected object and the additional information panel for each error. Specifically, look out for warnings about "ambiguous recognition" or "object took too long" or things like that.

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      ok, but the problem is as I am ending the Test Execute task everytime, it doesn't post any log too.



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        Not having a log is to be expected in that case.  If TestExecute doesn't finish on its own, then you probably won't get a log.