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8 months ago

Test Execute fail to run and execute the code via GitActions


We have been testing running TestExecute under GitHub actions but have hit an issue. For the tests to work, TC needs to run in an interactive user session so that it can click on buttons etc. and it looks like this is not available under a Git-Hub hosted runner.
Do you know how to run it in a Git-hub hosted runner? under Jenklins we used the SessionCreator, can that be used in Github runners?Thanks,


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      Hi rraghvani,


      We don't need and even don't want to log in remotely and see the test being executed, we want the test to run in the background on a Git vm and we only want to get the results at the end of the run. we did the same using Jenkins for years and it ran as expected, we now migrating to Github Actions and want to do the same and it doesn't work as there's no interactive session support there for some reason.

      we want to be able to execute the tests behind scene via a command line.this is the command line we';re using but for some reason, it is failing:

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 15\Bin\TestExecute.exe" %ProjectPath% /r /e /AccessKey:%AccessKey% /Timeout:12000 /ns /ErrorLog:%cd%\logs\error.log /ExportLog:%cd%\logs\runlog.html /ExportSummary:%cd%\logs\runlog.xml /shr:%cd%\logs\shared-repo-link.txt /shrn:LogFromGitHubAction /shrei:7

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    I'm not failure with GitHub Actions, but is it similar to Jenkins, Azure DevOps etc which allows the user to run various tasks on a VM and retrieve results?


    There's a sub topic called Disconnecting From Remote Desktop While Running Automated Tests which mentions tscon utility. Everything is explained within the link I have provided.


    The VM where you want to run your tests on, needs to be either unlocked or use tscon to disconnect from the remote desktop but leaving the active session running. Running the batch file that's on the VM, will then kick off TestExecute.


    Does your GitHub Actions require an agent on the VM to be running, similar to Jenkins Agent?