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2 years ago

Test Complete doesn't record actions on File Explorer


I'm using 15.31 version as any newer versions doesn't work with our desktop app. 

Here I'm having issues with recording test where I need to run File Explorer, insert a folder path, hit Enter on keyboard then close it.

My steps are:

1. Click on File Explorer

2. Paste folder path

3. Hit Enter key

4. Close File explorer

After I stop recording there are no steps recorded, keyword test is blank.


Not sure what happened but like 3 months ago I recorded similar test, and it didn't have this issue. 




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    Are you using the same computer that you were when you recorded before?

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      No, it's a different virtual machine, but they should have all settings and all software the same.  

  • My local machine has last TC version 15.44 and it works. 

    Are there any settings which can cause this behavior that I should check?

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    A similar issue posted here I am unable to spy objects. Most likely the UI Objects are rendered different via remote desktop, which TC is unable to identify using Object Spy. However, you should be able to run the scripts without any issues on the remote desktop machine.