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2 years ago

Test Complete BDD

I am trying to write BDD scenario and trying to integrate it with a script that I had already created. 

The script starts with 

from Locators import Locators
from TestData import TestData

and then has the following statement 

def FindID():


I am trying to integrate this as a step definition with "Given" statement. It is giving error "Unexpected Identifier". 

Please help me. I am new to test complete and learning.

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      Thankyou for your reply. I did go through that. It has simple examples and I followed the example for python (the 'def' statement inside the 'Given' step definition). I am getting error. Here is the code:


      Given("the user is logged in to the XXX application", function (){
      from Locators import Locators
      def FindInv_1():





      Can you please help me? How do I fix this?



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    The coding you have provided looks like it's for JavaScript and not Python. Python coding will look something like this,


    @given("My app has started")
    def step_impl():
      # ...


    The BDD Tests topic has example codes for Python as well.