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4 years ago

[TechCorner Challenge #4] How to execute remote test and obtain results via Test Runner REST API

Hi Community! Here's a new awesome challenge for you!🙂

Learn new things about working with the product, and get into the TechCorner Leaderboard!


Automating test execution on remote machines is a common task. TestComplete provides the Test Runner REST API which allows executing tests remotely. Let's learn more about this feature by completing the task below.


Task: Create a standalone script that will use the API and run the suite on the provided test host and return the results (passed/failed).



You can complete the challenge by following these steps:


  1. Enable the API on the computer where you will run tests.

  2. Use this table for reference to see what methods you need to use in your script.

  3. Create a script that will interact with the API. It's better to create an executable standalone file that will use requests in Pythoncurl, or the XMLHTTP object in JScript and VBScript or any other means that you prefer.

  4. Share the code in the reply section below 😊

Have fun!