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13 years ago

Sorting of methods in the ComboBox would be nice

It would be nice, if TestComplete would sort the names of the methods in the ComboBox for selecting a method. Especially when you have a huge file with a lot of methods and each time you add a method you add the method at the end of the file those methods are unsorted afterwards. Visual Studio sorts them. Did I miss the option in TestComplete or does it not exist yet?

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    Ernst, suggestions registered do not necessarily guarentee that they will make it in the next release.  SmartBear folks take these suggestions seriously, but they are prioritized based upon how many people ask for the same thing, market value, etc.  

  • Hi Ernst,

    Indeed, the suggestion is not implemented yet. However, your post has increased its rating. Thank you.

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    Thank you for fixing this issue in the new version. Keep up the good work.