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8 months ago

Selecting item from drop down list

It seems like some behavior changed when selecting something from a drop down list.


The test slowly scrolls through the entire list until it arrives upon the item to select.  It definitely didn't use to do this. 

Was this changed in a recent version? Is there any faster/better way to do this?


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    ClickItem method was not working properly on a drop down list, that has now been fixed. But in doing so, ClickItem now iterates through all items in the drop down list. 


    I've reported this issue, and hope it will be fixed in the next patch

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      Yeah, hope so too.  It is very slow to iterate through a list of items currently. 

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    Any news about this ?

    Since a couple of day, TC has been iterating over the list, finding the right one but not selecting it.

    Fortunately, I workaround by using the "keys" action.



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      I am still seeing the issue too. I opened a case