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5 years ago

Script failue as test compete searching for an object in the if statement and didn't find it

function Unit12() { if(Aliases.Device.Process_ionicframework_newpnm295021.RootLayout.WebView_orgapachecordovaengineSystem.HomePage.CustomerAccount.CustomerAccountSearch.CustomerAccountSearch.Search...
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    5 years ago



    In belowe code example You have twice:

    a) "Aliases.Device.Process_ionicframework_newpnm295021.RootLayout.WebView_orgapachecordovaengineSystem.HomePage.CustomerAccount.CustomerAccountSearch.CustomerAccountSearch.SearchBYIPV4.SearchBYIPV4.VisibleOnScreen"


    Is this right?


    b) "Log.Message(aa)" -> use " " inside "aa"


    1) Try to check you NameMapping repository for correct object values "CustomerAccountSearch". do You have it in repository?


    2) Do not use "VisibleOnScreen" if you want to check to exist of an object. Use .Exists instead.