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8 years ago

Run test on multiple instances

Is it possible to record a test once, then run that 1 test over multiple instances of the same application? The tests do not need to run in parallel.


I understand each instance will have a different index number and I can use this to distinguish between the instances

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    Of course purpose of  having a automated test suite is to test on multiple instance of application.

    But beware if the application has changed or going to change, you have to have your test ready for changes.

    for that you have to go beyond just record and play. 

    record and play with initially help for  grasp idea of automation and getting used to tool and technology.

    My advice is to at first record and then adjust your test later you be able to write test without recording.



    As you already said indexes are different you can use wildcards on indexes as described hear 

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      Thanks for the reply, but I think you misunderstood what I asked...


      I am recording my steps on App A (index 1).

      I change my mind and decide to have these steps run on App B (index 2).

      How do I get these steps (that have already been recorded) to run on a different instance of the app (App B)?


      The only way I can get this to work is by re-mapping each object to App B. In my test I need to run +- 200 instances of my app. It would be crazy to re-map all the objects for 200 apps! It would also be silly to record the exact same test 200 times.

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        If App A and App B are all-most same but with different indexes you can use wild cards for particulate index.


        eg in object mapping of AppA you will get something like below where Myform is indexed...



        in Object mapping for AppB you will get 



        You can not reuse b'cos .Myform1. != Myform3 

        hence you have to change Myform1 to Myform* so it's OK with any Index number