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6 years ago

Reading PDF documents where text can't be stripped

I've attached a document that I'm trying to parse using PDFBox.  I'm not having any problems with the PDF Box set up.  Text stripping works fine and I can dump pages to images if I need to (For those...
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    5 years ago

    OK, folks...  Here's what I ended up with.  Picture.Find ended up generating too many false postivies.  The tolerance level ended up being too much of a pain to mess with and it was not an "exact science" to find that sweet spot.


    So, instead of Find, I ended up using Picture.Difference.  I took the ENTIRE page out of the PDF, converted to BMP, and compared it to a baseline BMP file using a mask for those parts of the document that may vary from run to run.  The result was supreme.


    Note that I'm using the 1.8.6 version of PDFBox and the 1.8.0_191 version of the Java JVM client.  I've copied the code from the PDFBox documentation indicated in the OP for loadDocument and convertPageToPicture.  There are a couple of assumed directories where we're storing the actual PDF file so you may need to edit for your particular file structure.  But here's the code.  Hope this helps someone else.

    function PDFRegionCheckPoint(sourceFileName, pageIndex, searchPictureFileName, fileMask){
        var docObj, imagePage, imageTest, imageMask, result;
        docObj = loadDocument(sourceFileName);
        imagePage = convertPageToPicture(docObj, pageIndex, Project.ConfigPath + '\\PDFS\\Page' + pageIndex + '.bmp');
        imageTest = Utils.Picture;
        imageMask = Utils.Picture;
        result = imagePage.Difference(imageTest, false, 0, true, 0, imageMask );
        if (result == null){
            Log.Checkpoint('Image area found in page export', '', 300, null);
            Log.Warning('Unable to find speficied image in file', 'SourceFile = ' + sourceFileName + ', Page number = ' + pageIndex + ', Picture to search = ' + searchPictureFileName, pmNormal, Log.CreateNewAttributes(), result );   
        if (aqFileSystem.Exists(Project.ConfigPath + '\\PDFS\\Page' + pageIndex + '.bmp')){
            aqFileSystem.DeleteFile(Project.ConfigPath + '\\PDFS\\Page' + pageIndex + '.bmp')