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9 years ago

Project Variable - Table - Specify cell or column variable type i.e int, boolean. and moving columns

I've been having difficulty with table variables. Basically the long and short of it is......


If I create a Temporary Variable Table and then type in data ito the relevant columns. When within the test I go to get this data and to use if for comparisons ussing if statements for example. My data from the table always returns as a string. Why cant it work out that it is an Integer or a Float value or a Boolean?


However!!! If within my test I use  code to push dataa into the table. If I then get this data back out of the table it recognises it as a Float, Integer or Boolean etc...


So why  when I type the same data into the table does it automatically think its a string?


Is there any way to configure each column or row to specify that the values should be a specific varaible type? Perhaps an option/new feature would be helpful when you right click the column heading.


Also my other problem with tables is that if I want to create a new column and move it to a different place. The headings changes as per my move but the data in the fields stay in the same place. So I then have to retype my data into the next column and move that columns data into the next column and so on and so on.....


Why isn't there an option to insert a column or delete a column like there is when you right click on a row heading?


Is there any solutions to my queries or are these 2 things that could be a new feature?


Thanks in advance for any help or ideas coming this way!

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