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3 years ago

problem with Drag action

Hi all,

I have a issue like i am working with TestComplete in a Testapps in that i have a simple drag statement which is working some time and it is not working sometimes.

i have slowed the process whether to see the mouse action and it showed me the correct movement but not the drag. if i give the coordinates rather than the giving the variables with the same values the drag action is doing as expected.i have using this in a VM ware VDI so,for every user login i should need to restart the VDI to make this drag work properly.

please help me.

thanks in advance. 

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  • Hi sai2707!


    Using Variables for the coordinates shouldn't be an issue, I have tested this with success. 


    Could you provide a screenshot of your code so we can see how you a calling the variables, and a screenshot of the Variables themselves as well to check formatting?