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11 years ago


Our app uses an old sdk, does the library detect Activity Group or Tabhost control?

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  • Hi Alexei,

    When I try to automate our app I noticed that TestComplete can detect only the controls in the first screen (Login) and second screen (Main).  All other screens TestComplete cannot detect the controls anymore even the common ones such as textboxes and buttons.
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    Hi Rey,

    Assuming that you are using Open application prepared as per I am afraid that I can say just the following:

    -- If all other screens of your tested application are implemented as separate activities, you might add PatchServices initialization to incorrect location (see the referenced article);

    -- Otherwise, I would recommend to prepare a demo application (or use your current one as SmartBear considers privacy very seriously) and create a support ticket via
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    Unfortunately, TestComplete doesn't support the Android 2.2 version. See the list of the supported Android versions here. As I said in the thread I mentioned earlier, I've created a suggestion to add this support.