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2 years ago

Passing testcomplete project suite variables from Ready API

On the ready api, we can do Add step, Testcomplete as shown in the picture below.




The test complete step added above looks like this




In here, there is "Other args:" I was thinking these psv variables passed will be comsumed by the Testcomplete. But looks like it is not working as i expected.


Expected: On the testcomplete, ProjectSuite.Variables.testCaseNumber should be set to 1 and ProjectSuite.Variables.orderId should be set to 902783221


Actual: The testcomplete is setting, ProjectSuite.Variables.testCaseNumber = 1 /psv:orderId=902783221


bascially, it is treating everything after "/psv:testCaseNumber=" as it's value, which is n't correct. 

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    Are you using the correct parameters?


    /PSVar:VarName=VarValue (or /psv) for Project Suite variables

    /PrjVar:VarName=VarValue (or /pv) for Project variables



    • The name of a passed variable should include only alphanumeric characters ('A'..'Z', 'a'..'z' and '0'..'9') and underscores ('_') and does not start with a digit.
    • TestComplete treats variable values passed via the command line as strings. If the value includes spaces, enclose it in quotes.
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      yes, i am using the correct parameters. I have double checked it. I am using the project suite variables, /psv


      The name of the variable includes only english alphabets and no spaces anywhere. So, no need to enclose in the quotes. I even tried enclosing in quotes, but still no luck.


      I guess this is a limitation on the Ready api side that it is not passing the parameters as test complete is expecting.