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13 years ago

parse HTML stored on disk


what is the best way of testing/parsing an html file stored on disk?

Some background:

my application has a result page, which is an object (VB) with several tables: after press of a "report" button, a preview window opens with the same content of the GUI displayed slightly different; the preview source is an html file, which is stored in a temp folder. I need to test whether some values in the preview and in the object table are the same. (the report can also be saved as mht file, if parsing it is somehow easier).

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  • Hi,

    In general, a saved HTML file is the same as a web page. You can load it in a browser from TC as you'd do this with any other page, and you can use various checkpoints with it.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I do not have the html checkpoint: are they part of a plugin (I might not have the license).

    And what about .mht files?

  • Hi,

    MHT is actually HTML, it's a web page packed in a single file. It contains other data besides HTML code, but if you load it in a browser, there's no difference.