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14 years ago

Opening TestComplete 8.2 Beta - Adobe Flash and Flex

Fellow TestComplete users:

We are excited to be marching towards a TestComplete 8.2
release, and we are opening a Beta program today giving early access to a
select group of users.

Release 8.2 introduces new modes of automated testing for
Adobe Flash and Flex applications that significantly improve object recognition
capability, particularly for Flash, while at the same time simplifying or totally
removing preparation of user applications for testing. Testing of Adobe AIR
introduced in TestComplete 8.10 remains without change.

If you are developing in Flash or Flex, and have some spare
cycles during the next 2 weeks, we invite you to join the program. For details,
please contact your sales rep if you are a SmartBear customer, or send an email
directly to me: sergei_dot_sokolov_at_smartbear_dot_com.

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    New Contributor
    I want to use the Beta version for TC 8.20 for testing Flex 4 App as is was not recognizing with TC 8.10.

    The same query i posted in forum where i got reply from Mr. Jared from Smartbear to use Beta version of TC 8.20 as Smartbear is plaaning to launch it. Also, i want to test it with silverlight 4 as with TC 8.10, the preparation of Silverlight App is reqd..

    Thanks & Regards

    Chanda Hemke

  • Hi Chanda,

    As I know, you've just been added to the Beta testers list. We sent an e-mail message containing the instructions.

    As for testing Silverlight applications, I recommend that you see the "Silverlight Open Applications" help topic and those related - they contain general information about testing such applications using TC.
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    New Contributor
    thanks for the mail..I got the insturctions..will update you once i start evaluating the software.