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12 years ago

Object not found much more common in TC9

Hello all,

I have a project I have been writing scripts for since January of this year on TC8.7.  All the scripts ran as expected until I installed TC9. 

When I installed TC9 and ran the scripts (without any chnages) I started seeing more "Object not found" errors in different places within my scripts and for no logicial reasons upon first look.

Once I started trouble shooting I found that I could put in an AQUtil.Delay of  2 seconds and I was able to eliminate the issue, but finding exactly where to put the delay is time consuming.  Please keep in mind that tohe only thing that changed was TC9.

It appears that TC9 is running faster than my application and not waiting for windows to open.  I did have the default wait time set in TC8.  Does the configuration set in TC 8 not migrate to TC9 automatically?  And if not, why not? 

This situation has played havoc with my deliverables schedule.  Has anyone experienced this and if so were you able to get arround it.  I have another developer in my department using TestComplete and he expereinced the same issue when he upgraded as well.  Our machines and our code are not tied together in any way yet he has the same issue. 

BTW, I have already gone through the "Dealing with Playback issues" in the documantation.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    AFAIK we are all waiting for a new build of TC9, which should be here in October according to Alex. Yes I have experienced your issues, and unfortunately there isn't a damned thing we can do until the new build arrives. Fortunately my TC8.2 project is still in production, we are slowly migrating each test into the new TC9 project on two test machines.

    TBH that current TC9 build should have been flagged as beta, to avoid people migrating their whole production project to it right away.
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    You are not alone....I have the same issue as well.  I have been adding delays for this issue as well as the issues with the WaitProcess, WaitWindow, and WaitVCLObject.  These Wait commands had previously taken care of any timing differences in the older versions of TC. I had been told as well that they were working on it nad the next updates should have a fix for it.  As I am adding the delays, I am also putting in a comment so that when it is fixed I can go through and search for the comments and comment out the delays  until I know they are not needed anymore.
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    If you migrated an older web test project to TestComplete 9, make sure that you enable the "Use legacy web testing features" checkbox.  The checkbox can be found in the project's properties under Open Applications then Web Testing section.  This option pretty much enables TestComplete 9 to use the web object hierarchy, identifications and addressing used in TestComplete 8 or older.

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    Hugo, TestComplete 9.10 has recently been released. Have you had a chance to try it?

    Danny, actually, the Use legacy web testing features option will be enabled in a project if the migration procedure "recognizes" that the project contains web testing items. Though, disabling this option allows you to use TestComplete for the cross-Browser testing - this is a significant TestComplete 9 feature.
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    Hi Tanya,

    If I disable the Use legacy web testing features, my code will break.  If I leave it enable, I can't do cross browser testing.  Any suggestion on what I can do so that my previously recorded scripts in TC 8 still run in TC 9 and able to do cross browser testing?


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    Hi Danny,


    The only way I see for you is to create a new project in TestComplete 9 and set it up to use the new cross-browser feature.

    BTW, TestComplete 8 also provides cross-browser testing. This feature isn't so powerful as you can see in TestComplete 8, but you can still use your project in TestComplete 9. Read TestComplete 8's  "Cross-Browser Scripting" help article (Help | Index).


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    we have written scripts in TC8.6 and TC8.7  since july 2011.  All the scripts ran perfectly until I installed TC9 and migrated to TC9.1 and also in TC9.2.

    "Object not found" errors were found. I was able to eliminate the issue.The only thing that changed was to TC9. 

    Also Record and play and Object spy also not able to get that object most of the times.but i word some few times and i took that object but still while running script "Object not found" errors were found.

    Does the configuration set in TC 8 which i have to give in TC9 ???

    Thanks in advance

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    In Scripts (TC8.6) which was migrated to TC9.1 and TC9.2. "Object not found" errors were frequently found. I was Not able to eliminate the issue.The only thing that changed was to TC9. 

    Record and play and Object spy was also not able to get that object. Object spy hanges or spies the background object. 

    But sometimes i was able to spy the object once in a few times. but even i get that object , while running script  "Object not found" errors were found again and scripts hanges in this place.

    After giving Delay of  few seconds also i was Not able to eliminate this issue.Help me in rectifying this issue

    Thanks in advance for any help

  • The issue has made TC9 unusable for the working scripts in TC8.

    For the WPF applications, I found that one of the  reasons from the error "Object not found" is that  some GUI indexs have been changed in the TC9 compared with the TC8. We have to switch back to TC8.

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    Hi Jennifer,


    I have doubts about changing indexes by TestComplete. Let's try to investigate why this is happening. Could you please contact our Support team for this?