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9 years ago

NPAPI plugins don't work on Chrome version 42 and higher.

Any suggestions except of using different browser?

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      Thanks for your comment.

      I have read this info, and just wanted to know other's opinions. Test Complete doesn't work properly in my app when I use IE (worked with keyword tests). And now I won't be able to use Chrome for testing?

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        SmartBear supplies patches for each version of Chrome:


        When Chrome gets to version 45 I would assume SmartBear will roll out their NPAPI replacement. But that would be a question for SmartBear support. 


        If I read your message correctly you say that keyword tests worked in IE but now your tests are not working. Perhaps you can post for some help with that issue?

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      Hi. Thanks to All who replied.

      I did all changes, and enabled this plugin in Chrome. And it does work for me.

      I just recently started to get this message when open Chrome: "This site uses a plugin (SmartBear TestComplete 10) that will soon be unsupported". And when click on "Learn more",  there is a description on how to TEMPORARILY enable NPAPI plugins. ( as I said, I did all these changes and it's enabled  ) . And a message saying: " After the release of Chrome version 45, you’ll need to use an alternate web browser to load content that requires a NPAPI plugin."


      So my question is , if Test Complete still will work when  Chrome V45 released?


      Many thanks