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6 years ago

Not able to handle a dynamic object

I am working on Xamarin based iOS application. I am not able to handle a dynamic window object. I am trying to logout from application. As soon as I click on SignOut, an alert comes up for confirmation of signing out. I am not able to click on Yes though my script. When I  Map this Yes Action object it does not get recognized as one parent window object has dynamic index. (Object in red)


Above window object does not have enough properties to be able to get recognised uniqly. I have also added a screenshot of spy of this object. 


Even Find child  method is not working for me in this case. I am giving parent as "Aliases.Device.processQaA360" and then using Findchild method to retreive "ActionView(0)" object but  I am getting object not found not matter what depth i go to (I have used depth as 12).


can anyone pls suggest me a resolution to this.

  • Hi,


    a) In the Object Browser and Object Spy click the 'View more members' link that is above the Properties/Methods tabs. This will provide you with more properties with the chance that you will be able to find those that are stable and unique enough to make it possible to identify the problematic window.


    b) It would help to see your code that does not work.

    Below assumes that you did not modify Aliases hierarchy and it matches Namemapping one.

    .FindChild() method must work, but you must call it for the processQaA360 object and specify search properties for AlertView.

    Another option is to enable the Extended Find option for the AlertView object in the Namemapping (this column may be hidden and you should select Field Chooser context menu option to display it) and delete the Window(8) object from Namemapping so that all its child objects move up one level. See for more details.


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