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3 years ago

New forum structure - Questions and Talks



We continue to improve the community site to make sure you can easily communicate with each other, navigate around different questions, and raise general topics. We are happy to introduce two new community boards:



Please use the TestComplete Questions board if you have a technical question or issue about the tool. To categorize your question, please use Labels when creating a topic so that experts are able to help you faster.  



In the Community Talks board, feel free to post any non-technical and even non-product related topics. This can be a question or general discussion of the news about software testing, fun or interesting moments from your work, questions about the interview, etc. We don't want to dictate the topics, so feel free to post whatever you want to Community Talks (we will only block spam). We want to learn more about each community member!


We will also post community news and news from the SmartBear Academy and other learning resources to this board. Subscribe to Community Talks to be notified.


NOTE: if you had a subscription to old forum boards, you will need to subscribe to new boards again to get email notification.


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