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5 years ago

Needed a Regular Expression releted help

Hey guys,   i have a line like below   "var referenceDial3=Aliases.OpenSiteDesigner.wndMStnChild3;"   and the value "3" is a number which is always keeps changing, rest remains same, i want th...
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    5 years ago



    i have a line like below

    Is the line a string indeed or this is a regular line of code that assigns a value to the variable and you enclosed it in quotes just for the sake of readability?

    For now I assume the latter.


    and the value "3" is a number which is always keeps changing

    I assume that you meant "3" for wndMStnChild3, not for referenceDial3.


    Do you have automatic NameMapping for your project turned on (Tools|Options|Engines|Name Mapping->Map object names automatically) ?

    If yes, can you let us know how wndMStnChild3 (and also wndMStnChild, wndMStnChild1, wndMStnChild2) are mapped in the NameMapping editor?


    Assuming I was correct with all my guesses for above, I would recommend you to make NameMapping identification parameters for the wndMStnChild control to be unique and stable to stop TestComplete to try to create new mappings for the same control.


    P.S. webinar from the page might appear to be useful.