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12 years ago

NameMapping editor


We are evaluating Testcomplete9 trial version .Editing of name mapping gives the error message "Unable to edit the Item "because its underlying objects does not exist.

Missing object 'object name'.

For most of the objects I am getting the same error .

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Gowthami Priyanka

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    Hi Victoria,

    "the corresponding object must be present in the system" means that not only the final object must be present (i.e. visible), but all its parent objects must exist as well.

    TestComplete notes in the message box what parent object is missing after the "Missing object:" phrase.

    Missed object may seem to exist for you, but you must carefully examine and compare the value of the properties specified in the NameMapping editor for the problematic object with the values shown in the Object Browser. For the web sites with dynamic web pages, the objects hierarchy may seem to be stable from run to run, but the objects itself may have different identifiers - i.e. tableA157R7 may become tableA157R18.

    In this case you should either find a set of stable properties to identify the given object uniqely and stably, or consider using the Extended Search (
  • Hi Gowthami,

    When you edit a mapped object's properties, the corresponding object must be present in the system. If the tested application is not running, or the object you need to edit is not currently present in the system (for example, the corresponding window is not opened, and the corresponding tab is not activated), it is expected to get the error when you attempt to edit the target object in the Name Mapping editor.
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    Object is open and present.

    1. Tool cannot find object.

    Steps: use Property check point to select object. Highlight right after.

    Message: "Unable to find the specified object"

    What is the reason and how to resolve it without heathy programming?

    2. Find the object in the NameMapping tree.

    Steps: Double click on it in order to edit.

    Message "Unable to edit the "NameMapping.Sys.browser....."

    I am using Firefox.

    How to solve this problem?