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7 years ago

Namemapping check out on edit

How should I work with nameMappings if our testProject is stored in a source control system (TFS )?

My problem:
1. Changing the nameMappings

2. Forgetting to check out nameMapping manually (test complete does not offer to check out the nameMapping file first);

3. Checking in changes

4. Tests fail on another environment after getting the latest version with my check-in;

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    Do you have your project connected to TFS (Tools | Options | Source Control)? This will prompt for automatic checkout.


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        And you're certain that the NameMapping.tcNM file is included in your source control?  It's possible that, for some reason, that file is not included in your source control in TFS and so, when you make changes, not only does it not check out... it doesn't check in.