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6 years ago

Multiple DDT CSV's one test

We have an application called Job Entry. It takes some of its data from the JobEntryData.csv as shown below.       var csvPath = "C:\\TestData\\JobEntryData.csv"; Driver = DDT.CSVDriver(c...
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    6 years ago

    My best guess is this...   You have too many CSV connections open.  You need to make sure that, when you're finished iterating through a CSV result set, you use DDT.CloseDriver to close the connection. There is a limitation in the database engine for CSV connections that restricts how many connections can be open.  


    I see, in your code, you have the call... but it's commented out.


    Change that line to DDT.CloseDriver(Driver.Name) and that should work.  You need to make sure you have the same sort of call for all your DDT drivers so that you're closing the connection when it's no longer needed