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14 years ago

Moving pictures from Stores/Regions

1) I have some pictures in Stores/Regions (in TestComplete) in different subfolders. Now I have realized, that in the harddrive no subfolders have been created und all picutres are under <project folder>\Stores\Regions. How can I move these pictures to the subfolders so that TestComplete will realize the move?

2) I'm using Regions.AddPicture to create some of my screenshoots. With this the pictures will be stored on the harddrive in the correct subfolder (using the parameter OutputDirectory) but in TestComplete they will not be stored in the subfolders of Stores/Regions. Moving them by hand to the subfolders is a great effort. Is it possible to do this automatically with Regions.AddPicturs?

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  • Hi Oliver,

    Creating folders in the Project Explorer panel does not lead to creating the same folders on your HDD. Currently, you need to move images to the needed folder on your HDD manually. 

    As for the second question, you can save images to the specified folder via Regions.AddPicture, but they will be displayed under the Regions collection in the Project Explorer panel. We have a suggestion to implement the functionality that allows adding images to the specified folder in the Project Explorer panel from script, and your request has increased its rating. Thanks.
  • David,

    Please increment the improvement request for having the Windows Explorer folder structure match the folder structure shown in TestComplete. This is a function I would like to see as well.

    Thank you,