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7 months ago

Map custom property for C++ application

I have an application written in C++ using Win32 with an object derived from standard window. I can see all the window properties like Name, WndCaption, etc. just fine in TestComplete. Something like this:


 cap = Aliases.Offline_Main.MainWindow.InfoButton09.WndCaption

But in my derived class I have another class that holds data. I want this class to be available in TestComplete. Something like this:


cap = Aliases.Offline_Main.MainWindow.InfoButton09.Data.MyCaption


I don't know how to get it to map this "custom property". Is this even possible?





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    So, I spent some time going through the OpenApplication docs and it all sounds very promising. It talks a lot about MFC and I'm wondering if that's required for C++ support? We're not using MFC, just pure Win32. I did change all my compiler settings as suggested and recompiled and I still don't see my member variables or classes.

    I have a class that creates a window. The window it creates is seen by TestComplete but not the class that creates it. This is what I'm trying to see and map. 

    I'm still not totally understanding how to do this.